I ask this question because there isn’t much that we know for 100% sure in life. Yet, here I am living with 100% certainty that I will make x amount of money by July and that I am successful, and that I will do great things in my life.

But, do I really know that for sure? 

Of course not! 

I don’t know how to predict the future, but I do know how to create my future.

Learning how to create a life that you desire and deserve is more about telling yourself things that are true in the future. Yet, you use the present tense for these future truths.

I can totally see how this is confusing for the average person.

“Wait, so I lie to myself about something in the present tense that isn’t true but will be true in the future?” 

Say, what?! 

Yes. That is essentially what those of us who believe in manifestation and the law of attraction do.

5 Simple Ways to Save Yourself from Ruining Your Life

We know that we will achieve certain goals. We will attain certain things. We affirm this through the use of present tense affirmations such as:

I will make X by July 2021. 


I do make X every month. 

You can honestly play around with it using either one of those sentences, but my mentors tend to push me towards using the “I DO” as in the positive present tense whereas I prefer saying “I WILL”.

Both options have successfully worked for me in many areas of life because I am confident that whatever it is that I affirm is my truth!

Want to be that confident, too? Well, you can start every day with my powerful message on YouTube below … as a starting point! 

How Can I Be So Sure?

The reason I can be so sure that these are my truths and will be my truths in life is that I did the hard work of developing my growth mindset, listening to the advice of my mentors, and constantly working on building my self-confidence back up.

The only way you’ll ever be 100% sure of your life is when you become confident enough to realize that you deserve it.

You see, about a month ago I realize that I may believe I deserve certain things and goals in my life, but there were still a couple of bad habits I had that were causing me to have negative self-talk more often than I should. These two bad habits needed to be removed or replaced with a good/healthy habit so that I was open to receiving what the universe manifests for me.

I continue to keep my positive affirmations in my mind, listening to them daily. 

I continue to write the present tense affirmations of my goals, which I don’t share with the world until they’re accomplished, btw! 


I’ve been one month into replacing one bad habit with a new healthier habit and about 4 days into replacing the other bad habit with a healthier habit. It’s hard giving up habits that we’ve developed over the years, isn’t it?

BUT … you can do it!

Much like a bad habit, we develop over the years, our negative self-talk and limiting belief systems have been built habitually over the years. Between our upbringing, our genetics, and the environment we live and breathe in, we all have some teeny tiny (or really big) belief systems about ourselves and our capabilities that hold us back.

That’s why I want to keep sharing my thoughts, experiences, and tips with you. If you’re suffering from a lack of confidence and need some options of what to tell yourself when the mind decides to push negative self-talk onto you – click on over to LearnGrowMaster.com where I shared an article titled ‘Mindsets that Lead to Low Self-Confidence and How to Change Them‘.

If I have learned anything in the last 4-5 years of my life, I learned this:

We are stronger than we realize and we control more in our life than we realize. We must believe this to be true and do the hard inner work to become the strongest, most confident person possible to do amazing things in this world for others!


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