What do You Mean I Can’t Dress Like a Sloth?

We pause our regularly scheduled content creation to introduce you to the fact that my oldest child, the kid that made me earn the title Mama is about to be an adult!

An Adult.

For real.

So my firstborn is about to turn 18 in October and *I* wanted to throw a little birthday party with a few close family members and her two local friends. I thought this was a great idea, just a few people and a BIG celebration for my first child turning an ADULT.

The problem is that I like to go big or go home, so that leads me down the path of how this conversation went.

Me, “So I was thinking your boyfriend, your friend C, and then maybe a few of the relatives that you’re most comfortable having here”

Eldest kid, “Yeah. Sure, I guess. If you must.”

Me, “OK. Then I was thinking that I could dress up as a sloth or like a t-rex and walk around like being crazy during the party?”


Eldest kid, “No way in heck! It’s one thing for me to let you throw me a party, it’s a completely different idea you being obnoxious and dressing like a sloth or t-rex!”

Me, “Well, can I just maybe pretend I’m a t-rex, I could just wear a Tee Rex Tee or something?”

Eldest kid, “No.”

Me, *shrugs shoulders and drops conversation*

Fast forward to a few weeks or perhaps just a few days later, and my oldest came downstairs and asked if I really had to throw a birthday party for her 18th birthday.

Obviously, I said no.

I don’t have to.

I just wanted to.

I thought it would be fun, and I would have kept it low key knowing that my oldest is an introvert, but alas, there will be no party.

Just cake.

Ice Cream.

Maybe 18 balloons

No sloth costume.

No dressing up.

So I guess it’s Thread & Supply loungewear, a homemade cake, and gifts with just the immediate household family and perhaps the oldest kiddo’s boyfriend.

That’s it.

No 18th birthday party for my first kid.

I’m bummed, but I’ve always been one to respect my kids and what they want as it pertains to certain things. Planning a birthday party for an 18-year-old who doesn’t want to be around humans and doesn’t want a party will not be a good time for anyone, and so I am respecting the decision.

And now, for all of you out there who have a soon-to-be-18 kid who wants a birthday party …

5 Tips for Planning an 18th Birthday Party Event

A few simple tips to get you heading in the right direction. In all reality, you may only need the 1st idea because I’m sure your kid may have an idea for their 18th party already.

Keep Your Kids Involved

Don’t go for a surprise party. As you can tell, had I opted for a surprise party my oldest would be a little ticked off at me. It’s best to have your kid be involved with the planning and date for their 18th birthday party.

Consider Renting a Venue

If your 18-year-old is a social person then it may work to rent a venue for their 18th birthday party. Consider the guest list that your kid creates and space you have at home before deciding if renting a venue for a birthday party is right.

Hire Catering

It’s important that you enjoy this 18th birthday party as much as your kid does, so why not hire catering? This is an excellent way to reduce the effort involved with food planning and prep. Get a few quotes to find a reasonably priced catering option for the party.

Send Invites Early

Remember to send the invitations out about 2-3 weeks before the party, so guests can RSVP in time. This will help with other parts of the planning such as whether you need to rent a venue or hire catering.

Gather Supplies and Decorations

Visit thrift stores and dollar stores a month before your kid turns 18 to grab the best deals on supplies and decorations. Ask your kid what they want for a theme, and do your best to find some budget-friendly options for a fabulous themed 18th birthday party event

In all honesty, your kid only turns 18 once so make sure the day is memorable in a way that they will remember it being a good day.

If I threw a surprise party or any birthday party for my oldest, I’m pretty confident it wouldn’t be a good day for her and so I am just doing a little something with my other two kiddos and my hubs to celebrate my first adult child.

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