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What does it mean to be more intentional?

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Being more intention means that you are more purposeful with your words, actions, and all other areas of life. You will live a life that is always focused on your true purpose in life with a mission to continuously grow every day.

How can I be more intentional?

This may sound like a crazy idea, to live a more intentional life, but it’s rather easy. It’s easy as soon as you see just what being more intentional means. Well, okay, in all honesty, it’s easier when you get a good grasp on the person you want to be and what your true purpose is in life.

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Examples of Being Intentional

  • Say no more often than you say yes.
  • Declutter your home.
  • Practice and express gratitude daily.
  • Don’t offer time to those who don’t comprehend “give and take”.
  • Set healthy boundaries.

My Intentional Life

I’ve received a second chance at life as I venture into a year when my first child graduates high school and turns 18. A second chance in life with the family I helped create. A second chance at using all that I’ve learned and had tossed at me over the past five years for the better good of the world, my family, and myself.

The last 7 months have hit me like a ton of bricks. I don’t mean this to be a negative statement. The reality of the last 7 months is that I watched a situation that would otherwise destroy a family, make it stronger. I watched siblings learn to have more appreciation for each other. I watched two parents smile, and not look back, instead continuously work to move forward every day with a positive attitude towards each other and their family.

A lot of magic has happened. That’s not to say there’s still not challenges or financial issues, or the fact that it could all crumble down. The thing is? I don’t even focus on that, life is unpredictable, everyone should accept that simple fact. The key is to really focus on those little moments that remind you of the core person you are. These little moments will give you something to focus on whenever your anxiety and worries try to sneak in.

When you live a more intentional life, you’ll soon find that things come easily for you. That good things happen. That your life starts to fit together pretty well. That people actually want to be around you. That people enjoy the energy you put into the world. That you feel more confident and happier in your life.

It’s all positive from here, babes!

What does it mean to act with intention?

An intention refers to an idea or plan that you intend to carry out. Now, whether this plan happens the way you intend or not, is entirely up to that whole unpredictable life thing and your attitude. I will say that when I used to live a more intentional life, a majority of my plans did happen based on my vision of said plans.

“The discontent and frustration that you feel is entirely your own creation.”

Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free

Sometimes a roadblock will go up or a curveball gets thrown, but you will always act with intention. You will keep your aim on that plan or goal you’ve established and each day you’ll continue to follow through with your intention to pull this mission off.

Your intention is always a goal, a plan, or a purpose.

Why does someone live an intentional life?

I cannot speak for everyone but I can speak for myself. I’ve spent the last few months trying to figure out how to climb up out of the financial mess, the difficulties that were created by me. Taking on more work to pay bills or raise funds for a home during our homeless days would have been rather optimistic, had I known my value. I charged too little for my quality of work and had to take on more projects to make ends meet.

You see, it wasn’t being homeless that made me come up with a mission to aim to live a more intentional life, it was an evaluation of learned habits and ways of thinking that happened almost overnight when I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. The gaslighting, the brainwashing, the constant mind manipulation had changed my method of thinking and living much deeper than one would have ever dreamed.

Therapy and research, as well as some self-help books and watching videos from real-life survivors of narcissistic or manipulative type relationships, helped me pinpoint what my next step had to be in life. Combine that with the beauty of forgiveness, and family, well it was a recipe of smack-me-in-the-face, I need to live my intentional life again!

I think that many people start to live an intentional life so that they can feel happier, healthier, and have a true purpose in life. Human beings need a purpose or a mission to feel as if they add value to someone somewhere. The connection that comes with intentional living is absolutely beautiful.

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What Connections Happen with an Intentional Lifestyle?

  • Deeper and stronger family bond.
  • Healthy boundaries come natural and others learn to respect that.
  • Happiness radiates off you onto others.
  • Life seems to make sense again.

When you start to live an intentional lifestyle you’ll find that you feel more connected with others around you. You will thrive to share this experience of living your intentional life with others to help inspire them to think about how they’re living and make changes to live better.

There’s nothing but positives that come from finding your purpose and what makes you tick so that you can transform your entire well-being with one simple act – living more intentionally.

How can I Start with an Intentional Lifestyle?

The key to starting your intentional life is to dig super deep into your soul. Okay, want a simpler tip? Sit down and think about how you’re being jerked around every day.

  • The kids need something, you jump!
  • The spouse has a problem, you jump!
  • The client needs this now, you jump!
  • This person wants you to do this or that, you jump!

Forget the whole finding your purpose in life part, start by looking at your current lifestyle. Write down times when you said yes instead of no. When you jumped right up to do something for someone else, neglecting your own tasks at hand or needs. Think about how often you’re being pulled in a different direction every moment of every day.

Learning to live an intentional lifestyle is learning to say no more often than you say yes. Learning to know what your priority is and only taking on someone else’s priority if you can. Learning to say I can’t help you right now, but maybe tomorrow and mean it. Setting boundaries for yourself is one of the biggest parts of living an intentional life. I say, if you need a place to start, then start with this question:

Who is pulling you during the day? Is it you pushing/pulling yourself towards your own intentions or is someone else pulling the strings?

If you answered the latter, then you need to stop right now! It’s going to be hard. People are not going to take kindly when you start demanding you get your worth. I will promise that the good eggs, those who truly care about you as a person, will stick by your side. That could be clients, personal friends, or relatives. In all honesty, the good eggs will congratulate you for finally standing up and demanding what you’re worth!

The only way this will get harder before it gets easier is if you’ve allowed far too many people to stomp on you for far too long. It will hurt when you watch those people lash out, walk away, or try to trample your self-worth, but babes, you got this!

Stay focused on your intentions. Keep your aim on the goal. Focus on the good eggs that give you that pat on the back for finally taking a stand to demand proper treatment.

You can do this. It’s all a matter of believing that you’re worth something more than what you’ve allowed yourself to think all these years!

And now, I’ll leave you with this …

“You need to love yourself. Love yourself so much to the point that your energy and aura rejects anyone who doesn’t know your worth.”

Billy Chapata


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