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What if there’s another way …

And now that I wrote something from my heart and I swore there was no way except a solid this or that scenario, I have to invite you to revisit your choice.

If there’s something that keeps calling to you, an ex, a friend, or some sort of career change yet you’ve told yourself if this then that, I invite you to revisit the story you keep telling and ask yourself:

What if there’s another way?

That is all I have to offer you today. This question … pause, reflect, and think about what your inner voice is truly asking you to do and let it guide you forward …


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6 thoughts on “What if there’s another way …

  1. Consider exploring alternative approaches. Your idea sparks curiosity. Divergent thinking can yield innovative solutions. Encourage elaboration on this intriguing notion. Thought-provoking and worth further exploration.

  2. Life’s journey is full of unexpected twists, and your encouragement to listen to our inner voices and embrace the possibility of another way is both inspiring and comforting.

  3. It always is important to use your inner voice and gut feelings to help make decisions! This was a great read and great reminder.

  4. I guess I’m lucky as I’ve often let my inner voice guide me after I’ve examined it. Most of the time my voice is correct but I don’t regret the times it isn’t as I learn much!

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