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What if they changed …

Oh gosh, my friends! This is such a difficult question to make yourself wonder about, and honestly, it’s something you shouldn’t take your time up with.

What you should be asking is whether or not YOU HAVE CHANGED.


Well, because the only thing you can control is how you feel, interpret, and react to things that once triggered you. Each situation in this season of life allows you a new opportunity for growth. You get to stop asking if another person changed and find out if you have changed.

I pray each day for love, kindness, and growth for all other humans. Those who have hurt me and those who I have hurt are no different. If you’re part of this human realm or have passed along to another realm, I still pray that you have peace and love in your heart.

We all deserve that.

Period. Exclamation point!

Now, while I believe every human deserves peace and love, it doesn’t mean that I open my arms to welcome every human into my everyday life. It simply means I absolutely feel that we all make mistakes, we all react in emotional ways, we all make poor choices, and we all do things that we would otherwise (hopefully) not do again today as we found they hurt someone we cared about.

I would much rather put more peace and love out there by being authentic and truthful to my inner self than pretend that I have anger or hatred towards another human who made a choice that I easily could have also made myself (or may have made in my previous seasons of life).

Right now, I am asking a different question in this life …

What is it that I truly need in this life to feel at peace?

Am I really equipped to be in this relationship lifestyle that’s been drilled into our minds since a young age?

Am I meant for something a bit more spiritual?

Like am I meant for a deep, kind, loving, compassionate journey that leads me tied down to ZERO human-like concepts of marriage or relationships, or houses or material things or whatnot?

I do not have the answers, but I will keep asking and keep wondering what makes me tick.

What makes me better?

What makes me show up for others and myself in a way that brings more love into this world?

These are some amazing ways to live life on your terms, in a way that’s better for the whole of humanity.

What if you paused more to ask yourself … what do you really want or need from yourself?

Try it. For 30 days. And see how much you change (for the better).


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