What is a Content Writer Virtual Assistant

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Content writing is an arduous job. Sitting hours in front of the screen, thinking about what to write down, and the feeling of going adrift among the words can be overwhelming for most content writers. If you are running your blog, chances are you might have experienced these situations a number of times. One step you can take to ease the burden from your shoulders is to hire a blog writer or a content writer virtual assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

With the advancements in technology and the provision of the internet to even the most remote locations globally, businesses and individuals are now connected more than ever before. Thanks to this interconnectivity, several businesses outsource their essential tasks to external vendors that specialize in particular services. These individuals or virtual assistants are not permanent employees of the business; however, they receive compensation for the work done on a pre-agreed basis.

Virtual assistants are highly demanded by established businesses as well as budding entrepreneurs just because of their affordability and the minimal cost of hiring. Digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), appointment scheduling, answering emails, and managing general errands are just some of the examples of tasks of a virtual assistant. However, it must be pointed out that one of the prime tasks that businesses and individuals hire virtual assistants for is quality content writing.

Content Writer Virtual Assistant

Now that we have established what a virtual assistant is let us look into one of the most highly outsourced tasks, i.e., Content Writing. Running a high-traffic blog can become exhausting and tiresome after a while. Once your website has gained enough traction, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage it and keep the content up to date. Therefore, in order to avoid these issues, many experienced bloggers and writers require the help of professional content writer virtual assistants.

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These virtual assistants help run your blog smoothly, provided that their writing style is in sync with your own. And while expecting another person to write 100% like you is kind of unrealistic, the goal is to find someone that is the closest.

Tasks of a Content Writer Virtual Assistant

While a traditional content writer focuses on certain blog posts, a full-fledged content writer virtual assistant specializes in providing a one-stop solution for your content writing needs. The different types of content that these virtual assistants can write are:

  • Blogs and Article­ – Hiring a responsible and professional content writer for your blog might just be the thing you need to generate higher customer traffic. When a blog matures over time, the owners have to focus on a number of different errands. Having a virtual assistant to cater to the primary purpose of your website can reduce your stress levels.
  • Newsletter – If you are running a successful blog, the chances are that you often have to write the newsletter for your subscribed readers. A content writer virtual assistant can be assigned the responsibility of writing periodic newsletters to generate the buzz that your blog needs.
  • Emails – Writing emails and maintaining a list of recipients is a tiresome task. Hire a content writer to write and answer emails for you.
  • Social Media Content – Other than a blog, content writer virtual assistants can also manage your social media accounts by writing posts, answering queries and comments, and increasing engagement.

Press releases, product descriptions, and eBooks are also some of the tasks that can be provided by a professional content writer.

How to Hire a Content Writer Virtual Assistant?

You have decided to hire a virtual assistant for your blog or business. Awesome! Now, you must figure out your exact needs and requirements that will be the primary factor in deciding the quality of the content writer. Your first step should be to draft out a list of potential content writing tasks that the virtual assistant has to fulfill. This will help you in the application assessment part, where you can filter out the unnecessary profiles based on their experience and skills.

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The second step would be to write a job description that encompasses the required list of tasks and responsibilities. Individuals who match the eligibility criteria will apply for the position.

The next step is to pick the top profiles from the pool of received applications and prepare a list of the potential hires.

Interview these selected candidates or make them write a sample content on a specific topic. This will ensure credibility and will help you identify whether the individual is the right fit for you.

Some of the qualities that a content writer virtual assistant must possess are:

  • Credibility – A content writer must be credible and responsible for meeting the deadlines and the requirements fully and on time.
  • Basic Knowledge – While it is recommended to hire content writers who specialize in your particular industry, hiring writers with just basic knowledge about your industry might also do the trick, provided they are motivated and determined to provide quality content suited to your needs.
  • Grammar and Spelling – Nothing throws the readers off than poor grammar and spelling mistakes. You must analyze the grammar and spelling skills of your prospective content writer virtual assistants before hiring them to ensure that you get only the most engaging content.
  • Communication Skills – Since you are allowing the virtual assistant to write content for you, you must be able to communicate your desired requirements and suggestions. A good writer is able to communicate effectively and takes constant feedback from their employers to provide better content the next time.


Content writer virtual assistants are highly sought-after in the global freelance market due to their reduced costs and the availability of a diverse pool of talent from across the world. These digital nomads are up for hire globally and cater to their clients on a regular basis. If you are facing trouble running your blog all on your own, hiring a blog writer might just be the solution. Just make sure to check for the authenticity of their work before you hire them.

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