What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit

I recently learned about accessory dwelling units. These units are connected to the main home and cannot be sold separately. They are sometimes rented out and these ADU options are sometimes used to help provide shelter to people who otherwise cannot afford it on their own.

There are many options that are considered an accessory dwelling unit such as a tiny home on a foundation in the backyard, an apartment above a garage, or a basement apartment. Many parents are starting to use ADU as an option to help their adult kids during their first couple years of adulthood.

With things being difficult and new adults not leaving the house as quickly as they used to, it’s important to have options like seismic retrofit solutions for adu california to help make things easier on those who cannot afford or otherwise find a place to live.

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Housing is one of those things that I hadn’t realized was so difficult for so many. I moved out as soon as possible, and while I have gone back to my parent’s home a few times, living apart from my parents is how I’m wired. I enjoy living on my own and working hard to be able to live on my own. As a parent to a new adult child, I’m seeing that not every new adult child feels the same way.

Sometimes it’s easier to slowly transition from childhood into adulthood by having about a year to look into ADU options so that they can slowly get into a job, save cash, and build references to get into a home. Here in NH, there are plenty of housing options, but they are more expensive than they were when I was 18. With that being said, I lived with roommates from day 1 because living alone at 18 really wasn’t cost-effective back then, either!

I can imagine the adu california is just making it slightly easier to provide unique housing options for the homeless, the elderly, and the young ones who can’t yet find housing. This will probably keep more people off the streets and provide a reasonable way for homeowners to make extra money to offset the price of the original dwelling they reside in.

Can I build an ADU on my property?

The zoning laws in your region will dictate where you can build an ADU on your property. While you may own the land and house, there are various laws of the region that you must follow. It’s best to look up your specific area’s zoning laws before you attempt to build an ADU on your property.

An ADU will nearly always require some sort of permit. The adu california is fairly new and makes it easier to build an adu! You can use seismic retrofit solutions to make the process smoother, too! You can build up to 25% of the units on top of your current apartment building, with some other criteria as well.

If you live in California and own an apartment building you may want to peek at adu california and the new state law that will help you make more dwellings within the buildings you already own!


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