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What is This Thing Called Productivity?

Many people have misunderstood the concept of productivity. Being productive isn’t about getting more done, but rather spending your time and attention properly so that you’re working more strategically.

This will add merit to your work, life, and relationships which is ultimately what productivity is supposed to accomplish.

You might be out there hoping that you can find a way to be more productive but you’ve started to lose motivation and your goals simply aren’t being met. This happens when you’re not handling productivity properly, using it as it’s meant to be used for; planning your time strategically to get more done and be more successful in all areas of life.

Sadly, society has emphasized being productive means that you’re going to be successful. You must stay busy and overload yourself with work to feel or be successful. This isn’t true! You’ll have to learn to let go of those preconceived ideas that society has pushed into your mind before you can become more productive in a healthy way.

Maybe you feel like getting everything done in record time and risk the burn out that comes with doing too much to impress your clients, a coworker, or your boss. These feelings are completely natural for human beings to feel, especially a human being who is more prone to being an overachiever or a people pleaser.

There may be other external factors such as the need to make more money, pay the bills, or desires for materialistic items that make you desire to maintain a busy workload.

While it’s great to have money as a motivator, it’s not the main thing to place value on when determining productivity or success. You’ll need to first consider what’s driving you to be more productive.

If your reasons tend to be shallow reasons such as wanting more materialistic items, then you’re going to fall flat on your face, not literally, but you know what I mean.

You’ll want to adjust your mindset so that your reason for being productive is dedicated to a higher purpose in life or changes that will help your family be happier or healthier.

Dedicated the reason behind wanting to be more productive towards a higher purpose will help you plan a healthier way to be more productive in everyday life.

To increase productivity you’ll need to take time to figure out what is fueling your desire for this high level of productivity. I love using Probably the Best Coffee 12 oz. Whole Bean to get my energy level UP so that I can be more productive with my freelance writing business.

Perhaps you need more finances to support our family or your drive is being pushed by a recent experience that puts you into the poverty category.

Maybe you’re being driven to find ways to be productive because you just want to improve how you work to keep a balance between working hard and overworking.

You’ll want to sit down to make notes and figured out what is driving your desire to be productive. Learning what drives you to be more productive can help you filter out shallow reasons for productivity and place your desire for something more purposeful.

When you place your desire to be productive on something that has value, you’ll soon find that you’re more motivated and ready to wake up and get working hard but in a strategic manner.

Only you can determine what’s driving you to be more productive, but I do suggest you pause for a moment to figure that out so that you don’t end up burnt out and unable to perform your duties at the highest level.

In conclusion, there isn’t a magic pill you can take that will increase your productivity. You’ll need to do some personal work on your inner thoughts and feelings to figure out what you can use to increase productivity so that you feel motivated and passionate about working hard every day to achieve these personal goals.

The biggest tip I can share is that you should always make sure you’re following your dreams because that will always lead you forward in staying motivated and working more productively in your life, career, and relationships.

What is productivity example?

Being productive means to complete something quickly. A project or task that you complete with high-quality but quicker than you (or someone else) would complete.

What is productivity and its importance?

Productivity is the measurement of how quickly you can put out work. Sometimes this refers to manufacturing jobs such as how many parts a person can put out within a specific time, thus increasing revenue. However, we can put this into freelance gigs, as well. Outputing more tasks in less time means that you earn more money for less time.

Why is productivity important in life?

Productivity is important in life because it helps you make better use of your time. As a freelance writer, if I’m more productive with my workload each week, then I have more time to spend with my family (as an example).


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16 thoughts on “What is This Thing Called Productivity?”

  1. I am so agree with you that it’s so important that you make sure you’re following your dreams always. This is an important step not only to be productive but also happy!

  2. A schedule or list is what I have to use every day since I’ve been working from home for so many years now. Its a must or I don’t get anything done.

  3. To be productive is hard sometimes and yes, planning really helps me a lot to be more productive everyday.

  4. Jennifer Van Haitsma

    Productivity is a bit hard these days, but planning out a rough schedule for your day helps, and time blocking if you can. Thanks for all the wisdom!

  5. Planning things for a day is so helpful in being productive. Sometimes when you don’t have a goal for a day. You may end up on your favorite shopping app or social media. Just saying.

  6. I can most definitely understand this, sometimes I wonder what I’ve done with my day as it feels like I have done nothing. I definitely need some energy boosts to get me going.

  7. I feel if I have everything scheduled out it helps me be more productive. If I start the day without a plan, I find I end up doing a lot less.

  8. I have to work on this some days. Sometimes I am just so spacey that it’s tough to be productive.

  9. Pam Wattenbarger

    I think it’s so important to do things that you enjoy. I know when I am trying to force myself to do things I don’t enjoy, it goes much slower.

    1. I 100% agree with this. I’m working to focus back on things that I’m passionate about, as that always supports the fam financially and helps me be more productive!

  10. Productivity means a lot of things to a lot of people, I think. I think if we all approached productivity with this mindset, we’d be better off.

    1. I agree, I mean I am biased as I wrote the article 😉 but looking at productivity as being more strategic rather than just “being busy” will help in SO many ways!

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