What I’ve Been Up To With Food and Life

I am obsessed these days with food that fuels me. I want to pay close attention to foods that make me feel good.

No, not the “good” that sugary treats or ice cream makes you feel. The good that involves feeling as if you’re stable in moods and energy levels. I do have hormone fluctuations as I am a 40-something-year-old female but my point is that within reason, I want to feel GOOD more than not.

Food has been a significant factor in improving how I feel and how I treat others, as well as how I THINK about myself – that disastrous self-talk so many of us have sometimes. You know what I am talking about, that negative self-talk that, if someone else said to us, we wouldn’t allow them to speak such things to us.

Yet, here we are doing it to ourselves.

Photo of me July 2023

Oh, and of course daily walking workouts are helpful too!

Brandy Becoming Domestic?

An old friend who happens upon this may wonder what in the world has happened to Brandy! To be honest, I’ve never really considered myself all that domestic, and still don’t really. I am a wild creature who loves change, spontaneity, and adventures, but when it comes to food for fuel?

I’ve started to enjoy the amazing adventure of going more domestic …. back to basics. Like catching me cooking in the kitchen from scratch type of back-to-basics.

I am even going to try my hand at this paleo bread recipe this week!

I used to love alcohol, and now it’s not such a big part of my life. I even quit smoking about three years ago, read more about that on Instagram. Oh, but I will still have that mimosa when we hit the boat tours this summer, for sure!

Nutrition With Nothing To Hide

Before I get Started…

You see these days I spend a lot of time writing for the few clients I have and writing on this blog. I also love spending time over on YouTube as I work to master these horrible public speaking skills. I am a little nervous being on camera, but you can’t tell they say … YES! Go Sub to my YouTube, please.

I generally only work about 3 hours maybe 4 on the days I do work (and by work, I mean running my business and online revenue stuff).

How to stay connected with my updates?

Between that, I am shuffling my two sons around to their jobs at two different places, and watching my youngest gear up to get back into something I swear he was born to do! I love it when my kids can find something that gives them a little spark of joy!

Who am I to not help the trio get to their dreams and goals?!

I do my best to talk to my first adult kiddo when I can, they are rather busy these days but I was on the speaker phone for a bit with them the other day and that was nice. I do love it when we can connect in a parking lot between where we live and get a quick update and hugs!!

My other son, the middle of my Trio, is working on his goals and stuff for his future. He just graduated homeschool this year, and even got a fancy congrats from the State of NH Dept of Education to prove it!

He and I go to the gym when we can so he can continue on the bodybuilding or at least muscle-building part of his life.

I mean that’s about it, my Mama life has kept me pretty busy these days, and starting to get us to eat healthier means a lot of focus on food research. There is a ton of info out there, plus with every human being a little different, it’s imperative that I learn as much as I can and then see what is best for each family member.

Soooo, what have I been whipping up this past week?

During my first week of getting back to some basics, well it’s Whole30 so it is without dairy, soy, grains, alcohol, and other such things that you can find on their website here … I have whipped up the following food options for the fam.

Made my Own Whole30 Breadcrumbs

I made some Whole30 breadcrumbs because the youngest teen didn’t much care for his chicken without some sort of breadcrumbs. I guess Mama’s seasoning was just not enough. I made this with some almond flour, organic oregano, garlic powder, and onion powder. The teen liked it.

Breadcrumb Recipe

Banana Slices with Cashew Butter and Grass Fed Beef Stick

Another weird recipe for me to try and the others liked it too, was this grass-feed beef mini stick with banana slices and cashew butter on them. I’m still working out the protein, carb, and fat ratio here with snacks … but mostly have dinners nailed.

The grass-fed beef sticks were $5.99 for a package over at a local Hannaford’s Grocery Store in NH.

Chicken & Sunflower Kernels Hawaiian BBQ Stir Fry

Now this was just me mixing up some things to see if it fit the bill. I had some chicken with green peppers, onions, red peppers, seasoning, and Primal Kitchen’s sauce. I added some sunflower kernels to get the “fat” into our meal and voila! Dinner was served…

I loved This Concoction (and I was the only one) 🤣

I had to figure out what to do with ground turkey. I am not a huge fan of ground-up meat, but seriously I had some so I had to cook it up! I seasoned the turkey but it had low fat content so it was still pretty dry.

I am pretty proud of myself here, Friends!

I had the following on a Romaine heart lettuce leaf or whatever …

  • Ground turkey
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Primal Kitchen Mango Jalapeno BBQ Sauce (mild spice)
  • Sliced Carrots
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut

Applegate Whole30 Approved Lunch Meat Lettuce Wraps

For lunch a few times last week, I used Applegate’s Whole30 Approved Lunch Meats (ham and turkey) with avocado mayo, Romaine heart leaf, and a few slices of colored bell pepper in each wrap. It was delicious and a nice switch from the chicken bacon salad I had made for most of the week’s lunches.

Sweet Potato and White Potatoe Home Fries

This is quickly becoming my favorite side for breakfast and sometimes dinner. It’s just some sweet potatoes and Russett potatoes cut up into cubes. I then put these potatoes together into a freezer size bag, drop 2 tablespoons of olive oil in, add Real Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, and other seasonings to your tasting, and bake at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes sometimes more (ovens vary).

The “Fails” of my Meal Prep Week

I attempted to make homemade salad dressing but that was a fail. Sort of gross. I think if I had red wine vinegar, instead of white vinegar? Maybe they would have tasted a little bit better. Alas, I am still on the search for a good homemade DIY salad dressing, so I typically use Primal Kitchen brand’s Avocado Oil dressings.

I tried to make some banana chips in the oven using olive oil and Real Salt. No! Just No. Do not try this at home folks. 🤣 I even made a YouTube short telling how I made it and that it was so gross.

Check out my YT short here.

And last, but not least, I chipped a fingernail while grocery shopping this week. Apparently, it was all contact grocery shopping this fine Saturday at Market Basket and Hannafords. 🤣

My Final Thoughts

I honestly feel lighter, and happier now that I am eating real food. Do not get me wrong, there are times when I miss my sugary ice cream but I’m sure I can find a decent ice cream option that I don’t overeat in the future. For now, I am enjoying the fact that I am laughing more again, singing at the top of my lungs in my suburban to songs, and just feeling more joyful. I am sure my family appreciates that too. 🤨

Please remember that my family didn’t just wake up one day and do the highly restrictive Whole30 reset plan. We had eased our way into this diet plan and I am going to do a write-up soon about the long process we took over four years of various habit changes to eventually get to the day when we could take another leap to remove sugars, and dairy, and some other stuff. I don’t think we will keep dairy gone forever, but it’s nice to see what will actually FUEL us, and just learn some more about each of our bodies and how food makes it be “fueled”.

My “full body” pic for after week 1 of whole30 …

This is not a diet, but rather a new way to enjoy food that fuels your human body so that you can regain that inner awareness that is your God Source connection. I will, however, post photos at the end of each week to see if any body composition change occurs with my daily walking, 2 days at the gym doing cardio and machines, plus my food changes … it’s fun to see if any appearance change occurs when you have a lifestyle change. I hope that you will subscribe in some way … to follow along and that something I share inspires you to choose a new habit to change so you can LIVE BETTER, too.

How to stay connected with my updates?

Much love,

Brandy Ellen

Disclosure … On Your Health.

These are all my personal experiences, a journal so to speak of my life starting this method to reset my own body, it’s not a recommendation nor can I tell you what’s best for your body. I highly suggest you discuss your unique situation with a real-life doctor, holistic medicine person, or a nutritionist to gather up the unique details that are YOUR body to find a program and plan that works best for who you are.

I share these thoughts and experiences in hopes it will do what my reading and watching videos online did, it made me understand what my next step should be, after reviewing my own health situation.

A random person, be a doctor or not, on the internet does not KNOW YOU specifically and that’s what helps make sure you get success in not only getting a healthy mind & body but removing the fat around your organs while building the right muscle for maximum health and longevity in life.


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Nutrition With Nothing To Hide

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