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What Makes a Great Airport? 5 Things That Travelers Appreciate

As a frequent traveler, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to endure a poor airport experience. From overcrowded terminals to long security lines – navigating through everything can be both stressful and exhausting.

Thankfully, there are some airports out there that are a pleasure to visit. But what exactly sets them apart from the rest?

Interested in learning more? Then keep on reading! Below we are going to discuss some of the different elements of a great airport that travellers love and appreciate.

Cleanliness and Comfort

A clean and comfortable airport is essential for a positive travel experience. Terminals and facilities should be clean, sanitary, and free of clutter at all times.

On top of this, airport bench seating should be comfortable for those who have long waits. Wi-Fi, charging stations and lounge zones are also popular additions that come in handy, especially for those on connecting flights.

Customer Service

Much like any business, customer service should be top-notch at all airports. From helpful staff to clear communication – they should go above and beyond to make travelers feel welcome.

Those who are flying to unfamiliar destinations or who require special assistance may already struggle to navigate a foreign place. A friendly team of professionals really will make a big difference.

A few key responsibilities of your staff include:

– Guiding passengers to their gates.

– Helping with rebooking flights.

– Offering guidance and reassurance.

– Handling hiccups in travel plans accordingly.


An airport that offers a range of amenities can make the travel experience much more enjoyable. From quality dining options to relaxing spas and duty-free shopping – many different services should be offered to passengers.

Children’s play areas, fitness gyms, and pet facilities are other popular options that travelers love and appreciate. The aim is to create a space where everyone can reenergize before and after flights.

Efficient Processes

We all know that airport security is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be so frustrating for passengers. A great airport uses processes that are efficient and easy to understand.

This includes modern technology such as automated screening machines, digital boarding passes, and facial recognition software. Self-service kiosks are another excellent element that allows individuals to check in quickly for local flights.


Finally, another essential factor is accessibility. The best airports have multiple transportation options that offer convenience and flexibility.

From a shuttle and train to taxis and buses – there should be several options that cater to all needs. In addition, airport parking should be easily accessible and affordable, especially for those who require something for the long term.

Final Words

And that’s it! A great airport goes beyond just being a place to catch a flight. It’s a destination that makes the entire travel experience easier and more enjoyable.

After reading through the above, you can design an airport that is not just a point of transportation, but the highlight of the traveler’s journey. Good luck!


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