What SEO Is

While many business owners understand SEO, many do not. Instead, many company owners simply contract out their campaign to companies like BeFound SEO, without knowing the process behind their success. If you are interested in having an SEO campaign but cannot afford to contract work out, the first step to doing this on your own is to understand what SEO is and how it works. 

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of increasing the exposure to your brand and the number of quality visitors on your website through organic search engine results. This practice involves understanding what people are searching for online, the answer they are looking for, the words they are using, and the type of content they want.

Knowing this information gives you the ability to connect with people who are searching for the solutions you can provide. Once you understand what your potential customers are searching for, you can use SEO to deliver content in a way that gets you higher on the results list. 

What Are Search Engines?

Search engines are machines that provide answers. They scour the internet to find the content that is most likely to answer your question. Search engines perform this task by finding and cataloging all available content on the internet and ranking based on the keywords used in a search. 

Which Search Results Are Organic?

Organic search results are the ones that rank well because of their good use of SEO. These used to be very easy to spot when all ads were labeled. Since search engines have changed, it has become more difficult to pick out organic results from advertisements.

Today your results pages will include much more than simply ads and organic results. You will find answer boxes, related questions, and images. Some of these features are organic. For instance, the answer boxes and related questions change with each search. These additional results continue to grow to try to provide the results people want.

This stems from the fact that search engines make money from advertisements. Therefore, their goal is to provide answers, keep searchers coming back, and keep them on results pages longer. It is also important to note that some features on a results page may not be paid advertisements or strictly organic results. Instead, these features use data acquired from other sources, including Wikipedia, IMDb, and WebMD. 

SEO can increase your position in organic search engine results by using popular keywords. When performed well, it can help a business get quality visitors on its website, boosting its number of sales. 

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