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What should I do in this season of writing?

When I was younger and the kids were younger, it was so easy to be a “mom blogger” and share all the fun milestones and challenges that came with raising three children. And then the kids got older, two are grown, and one is nearly grown.

They don’t want me sharing their everyday private lives, and quite frankly? I don’t want to share it. The thing is, I was more so sharing life as a mom than their “life” so to speak when they were younger, but still, the focus was on the kids (not me), and I liked it that way.

I never desired the center of attention and to this day, I don’t mind doing what I do online and having my writing be seen, but for me to be the center of attention? It’s not really something I crave. So I’ve been doing this soul searching, to figure out what is my Ah, Joy! moment and what is it that I want to write about these days.

I also had to question what my friends, followers, and target audience would like for me to say and share online. It seems most people on Facebook enjoy videos of squirrels, yes, a video of a squirrel feeding on my bird feeder upside down is the most organic views on Facebook I’ve gotten in a long time.

Don’t ask.

It’s true.

So then I share stuff about food since I enjoy sharing my food.

I posted a picture of raw ground beef in a skillet prepping to be cooked with some frozen veggies on the side in the skillet and boom – I made money on that post, too!

Oh yes, I am a digital creator on Facebook so my Facebook Profile now earns revenue. This is a new revenue stream I am adding/testing out this year.

So it seems Facebook people like food and nature.

Then I had to figure out Instagram … they seem to enjoy nature, too!

I am now on TikTok as EastCoastBrandy where I will only share outdoor stuff and vacation and fun in New England – nothing real personal.

That seems to be doing well, I mean hundreds of views is better than 5 over there on TikTok and Instagram, right?

But then, I had to pause to ask myself a question:

Does sharing nature, walking, and everyday New Hampshire lifestyle stuff bring me joy?

For me making money has always been about what brings me joy! I know that I was born to write, it’s something I have as a natural skillset. I make most of my online money from writing articles, blog posts, and now someone’s book (and my books, too).

The secondary revenue streams have mostly been ad revenue, affiliate revenue, paid blog posts on my sites, and similar things but now that social media platforms pay you to post and engage?

I am giving that a try as my 6th 7th or 8th revenue stream. Yes, I know. I need to hire an accountant this year. I’m working on that.

I believe that sharing nature and a little bit of me behind the scenes is my joyous zone where I push myself outside of my comfort zone a little bit without being the full center of attention.

I am more behind the camera writing or taking videos of others & nature around me and that, my friends? Brings me much joy.

And, it seems to be bringing others joy, too! I am feeling a lot of gratitude these days, even though I am slowing down with some revenue streams, I am building others that have more to do with building a LIFE story than it does with building a RICH story based on monetary rewards.

Although the monetary rewards flow when you pause and realign with what truly brings you joy in this life. Just trust the process, and try to be more in tune with 1) what makes you feel joy and 2) what your audience enjoys; take the two and see how you can align the two for the “perfect” match up.


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