What You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Wedding Planning Business

Wedding planning can be a profitable and exciting business. People who are interested in this business have a passion for the beauty and romance of weddings. You might have planned your own successful wedding.

Starting Your Own Wedding Planning Business

You need, among other things, a solid business plan to start a successful wedding planning business. Here are three important steps to get you started.

  1. Learn the basics by getting an education and hands-on experience

One effective way of learning the business is working as an on-site event coordinator at a successful catering business or reception venue. This entry-level position lets you gain experience in the industry without the risks of business ownership. On-site event coordinators work with various wedding vendors such as reception venues, photographers, videographers, DJs, and bands.

Professional associations, such as the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants, the Association of Bridal Consultants, Weddings Beautiful Worldwide, and June Wedding Inc., provide educational programs in wedding planning. While they may not guarantee success, these programs can help you familiarize yourself with many aspects of the business.

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Grow your portfolio by taking the opportunity to plan weddings for family and friends. Reach out to established wedding planning businesses and offer to assist on events as an intern or volunteer.

  1. Create a business plan and brand that matches your style and purpose

Style is at the heart of wedding planning as brides trust your ideas for planning a gorgeous wedding. So you need to develop a stylish brand that demonstrates attention to detail. Bring your brand to life by hiring talented professionals including website developers and graphic designers to create your website, logos, business cards, and so on.

Create a written business plan to give you direction and get investors on board. Research your product, the market, and your competition. Business plans can serve many purposes so determine the purpose of your plan. Create a company profile including details such as your products, target market, and resources. Develop a strategic marketing plan that’s adaptable to your audience.

  1. Build relationships that grow your business

Invest in relationships with successful wedding professionals that will help you plan amazing weddings for your customers while keeping costs low. One effective way of minimizing costs is taking of easy-to-use and affordable online resources such as Mixbook wedding invitation cards.

Top wedding vendors with whom you have a good relationship can be a reliable source of new customers for your wedding planning business.

Consider signing up to the local chapter of the professional associations such as the International Special Events Society or the National Association of Catering Executives. Being a member of these organizations puts you in contact with a variety of wedding professionals, including caterers, venues, videographers, photographers, and bridal salons among others.

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Alternatively, you can directly reach out to wedding professionals and get together for coffee or set up lunch meetings. Most professionals will agree as they are also eager to grow their networks and learn about new service providers in their market.

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