I can see the change in my face. When I take a selfie, I cringe at how tired my eyes look. This is something I notice about everyone. I can see when they simply took tired or stressed in their eyes.

Every time I take a selfie and see those tired eyes, I want to curl up and cry. Life has been so hard. Each time I feel I’m climbing back up, something happens to hit me back down.

I’ve learned that this is simply how life works for everyone. I am not alone with my tired eyes. I am not alone with my stress.

Life simply has a way of testing us and testing us until we choose to break or find the strength to move forward, even if moving forward is snail pace.

I always choose to move forward. When everything tugs at you, I want you to find a way to move forward too. Here are some tips to survive when everything tugs at you.

3 Tips to Survive Stressful Times


3 Tips to Survive Stressful Times

Do a Stress-Busting Activity

A stress-busting activity is something that brings you joy. Something that increases your endorphins and allows your happy hormones to shine through that negativity of life tugging at you. Some stress-busting activity ideas are; a brisk 30-minute walk, dancing to your favorite music, cleaning and organizing a favorite area in the home, or reading a good book. The key is to do something that will take your mind off the burdens in your life and enjoy a little time doing something you enjoy.

Change your Perspective

Take a moment to step back and change your perspective about the situation. Think about your stress and everything that’s tugging at you in life and ask yourself it his will matter in a year, five years, or even ten years? If this stress isn’t something that’s going to destroy your future life, then consider doing a stress-busting activity and move on from it. You can’t win at everything, but changing your perspective will make you feel like a winner.

Put your Planning Cap On

Let’s say that some of the stress in your life is truly something that needs to be handled. That’s when you get yourself up, do a stress-busting activity, consider changing your perspective towards a solution and put your planning cap on. Develop a plan that’s reasonable, adaptable and allows you to resolve at least one or two of the stressors in your life. Tackle one thing at a time in order of priority. If someone is stressing you to do something, simply apologize that you’re running behind. Sometimes honesty pays off more than excuse making when it comes to stressors in life.

I honestly have no one-size fits all solution when it comes to dealing with stress. I do have moments where it simply gets to me and I do sleep for a day because I am human just like you. There are times I just give in and sleep. The thing is, sleeping for that one day doesn’t get anything resolved. You wake up with the same stress and the same things tugging at you. I hope that you’ll use my tips I shared today to help survive stressful times when everything tugs at you.

What do you do when life seems to keep tugging at you? Leave a comment below!

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