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When Life Tosses Poop, Make … Rainbows?

I know the title of this blog post is weird, maybe not right, maybe something that made you shake your head or roll your eyes. But I think the title is perfect. It’s perfectly me and if you clicked over to read? Well, then I was successful in my mission to spread some joy in your life today.

Continue reading to hear more about how you can flip turn the poop upside down and make rainbows in your life.

*and for those literal folks out there, please do not touch poop, it’s icky.

My day started off like any other day of the week. The hubs went off to work and I laid in bed with our older pup while the rest of the house lay silent and still fast asleep, including our younger pup. What goes without saying is that I was exhausted and so fast asleep that in between the younger pup waking me to go outside? I was drooling on my pillow.

Finally, the middle teen, or the current older child in the home as the first eldest is all moved out into adulthood now, came wandering out into the living room which is also my bedroom at the moment. I don’t typically ask for my phone, but noticed the time and asked him to hand me my cell because it was almost Dad’s break at work.

Little did I know … “Dad”, my other half, had been trying to reach me for about 2.5 hours or so. He was cold. He was stuck. He was without a vehicle. Yup, his rig decided it didn’t want life any longer. The engine said “I AM DONE” and so it was done. I was like, “OMG Dad is stuck downtown and he has been trying to reach me for hours. Let me call him.” I called. He was still sitting there, freezing, and so I had to tell the boys to watch the dogs, slip on my clothes, and shoes, and get out there to save the man!

I’m the one with the AAA plan, which includes free towing and other fun extras, but you have to have the card on you to get the tow and we didn’t pay for a second person to be on this plan, so it’s all me. I had to get there with the card, turn some heat up, and get the man warmed up in my rig. I made some calls, we got the tow person in line to come tow his rig. Meanwhile, it was going to be hours, so we felt the most productive route would be to send him to work late and I return home to tend to my writing work, workshop stuff, and the teen boys’ needs.

So here I sit, at home, waiting to find out when this rig is going to be towed and I’m just laughing. I am laughing because … life.

You see, life happens based on where you’re aligned or not with inner self. I firmly believe this because I’ve lived it. Whenever I’m making decisions that feel aligned with the person I am, everything else seems pretty rainbow-y. Yup, another one of my fun words I make up – rainbow-y.

Rainbow-y – adj. To feel the joy one would feel if they could touch a rainbow every day. 😀

And I know someone who is not aligned, but that’s none of my business, what is my business is me being aligned. But sometimes we get sucked into someone else’s vortex because we are human and it occurs naturally based on how we all live our life in this realm.

So that’s why I thought it would be nice to share some ways to turn poop upside down into rainbows. Or whatever I said at the beginning of this … and so here are my words of encouragement today for you:

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Let it Flow

It doesn’t matter what you do or what you don’t do, people will judge you. They will judge you for dating the wrong person, they will judge you for dating the right person, they will judge you for being poor, they will judge you for being rich, they will judge you for this or that, I think you get the point.

The best way to live YOUR life fully and to be the best version of YOU for OTHERS, is to remain aligned with what works best for you. When you’re doing something or living in a way that makes your inner being feel calm, perhaps content, and relaxed? That’s when you’re letting it flow and you’re living in a manner that is meant for YOU.

When you let it flow and start living this way? Others are going to think you are crazy! Believe me! I’ve lived this … and they will say “not again” or they will try to talk you out of living in the flow. Please, please, please for the sake of your sanity and inner peace – do not listen to them!

Thank them kindly, let them know you love them ever so much, but you know what you’re doing and what’s right for your best living conditions.

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Rain May Bring Storms

My bonus Mama gave me a sign that says something about dancing in the rain or the storms, or whatever. I love the sign, but it’s still in storage somewhere so I don’t have it right here for reference. It’s the best sign for me to remember that I love dancing in the rain and storms never bothered me much.

I expect that I will have some rain, and they may turn into storms. I expect that I will be challenged, and honestly? I enjoy a good challenge for it helps me grow as a person and expand my mind as well as my experiences. With each new rain storm that I survive, I share a new experience and story with others who may be passing through a similar storm in life.

Get yourself to the point where you’re living in the flow and know that rain or storms will occur to test you and see if you’re ready for that next big step toward something fabulous!

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Pause Your Thoughts

Last but surely not least, make sure you’re stopping life for 15 minutes (or more) per day with nothing but silence or guided meditation like this one so that you can be more in flow. Without the pause or silence of overthinking, random thoughts, or ADHD brain as I call it, you will not be bale to get into the flow that’s meant for YOU.

You will get confused with hormone fluctuations, stress, and other emotions that cloud your flow when you’re not pausing to meditate or sit in silence. I use the phrase “sit in silence” because meditation seems to intimidate some people.

It’s more about getting silent and being present at least 15 minutes per day during your entire lifetime to ensure you’re always choosing from your inner guidance, not the outer world.

Well, my friends, I hope that this long-winded story with a few tips has inspired you to start putting your inner guide first and trusting in the flow that is YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE.

Oh, and the chaos of the morning led me to run into a pretty cool chick, hugging her, and well, we had a chat, a brief one but a chat nonetheless that I am grateful to have had.

You never know who is hurting out there in this world, please be kind.

Much love to you!


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