When the Heat Gets Too Hot Up in New Hampshire

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That summer heat is coming around in New Hampshire and we didn’t have any way to deal with it. After a few nights of little to no sleep, sweat dripping off of us because the open window and fan just could not keep up, we hit Walmart for some supplies today!

What did we get at Walmart to Cool us Down?

Well, here’s what we got … to help us sleep better, stay cooler, and keep that humidity at bay indoors a bit!

We also made not one, but TWO trips to Walmart today because what’s one trip out of the house?! Why not make sure we forget stuff and have to go get more stuff … because we just love being out there in the good ole word of real-life society! *thumbs down* 

3 Box Fans

Yup, we went ahead and got us a purple box fan and a white box fan to add to our home. We already had like 5 Lasko box fans, but hey what’s 3 more when you’re dying of humidity and heat?

  • 3 quiet speeds
  • Top mounted controls
  • Easy carry handle
  • Summer fan
  • Steel body

3 Extension Cords

The issue with extension cords in an older house is that you NEVER have enough. We got a ridiculous number of PCs or things that should be PCs running in this house. Do not get me started on being in a relationship with a pretty awesome father and hubby, but one who is slightly addicted to having random computers built for random purposes in the home.

*so this means we needed extension cords for the fans to use upstairs as he was using all of our other ones with the various electronics we have already in use*

1 Window Fan

We were going to put a window screen in our youngest son’s window with a box fan, but we realized a window fan would just be more convenient. So a window fan it is – and it was the last one of its kind at Walmart.

Woah, so everyone is out there shopping for these cool-down items it seems! 

  • Designed to fit into most double hung and slider windows (Measures approximately 13.3" x 25.5" x 6")
  • Adjustable extender screen and bonus extender panel help to secure fan into larger windows (Can extend up to 37" with extenders)
  • Dual blade operation with idependent electronically reversible motors allows for air intake, exhaust, or air exchange for full room circulation
  • Plug in the power cord into a 120 AC Outlet. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for User Manual.
  • Troubleshoot- if air does not seem to be blowing in properly adjust airflow directional switch to intake. Note-for slider windows set the fan vertically in your window opening with the left side of the fan situated on the bottom and the built-in extender panel on top. Aluminium lock
  • Dual blade operation with independent electronically reversible motors; Two speed settings
  • Water-resistant motors are safe to use during rainy weather; Designed to fit most double hung and slider windows

3 Window Screens

Window screens are essentially something you put in the old a** windows we have in this home. We do not have a single screen in the outdoor windows of the home. We have only a few windows that actually open in this home, too.

It’s seriously annoying!

So, we opted to grab the last 3 window screens at Walmart because we needed them to open our windows for cross-flow of air and ensure bugs stay the heck outside when said windows are open.

Oh, and after reading all of this, if you’re currently scratching your head wondering why we don’t just buy air conditioners or turn the AC on, well here in our home we have those box style AC’s (see below) and that means time.

We didn’t have the time to put our box AC’s in the windows today and we quite honestly only have 2 working ACs in a home that’s over 1700 square feet.

So we will be heading out to buy or find free working air conditioner units in the near future.

That is for sure! Hopefully, you all are staying cool in the hot temperatures and being thankful that … it’s not snow! I mean, of course, unless you love the snow – well then you’re probably ok to complain about the sunshine and humidity. 

How can I keep my room cool without AC?

There are many ways to keep your room cool without AC. As you read above, we’re using window screens and box fans combined with a window fan to help move the air around. You can make the air cooler to keep your room cool without AC by placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan. This will help move cool air into your room.

What are the best ways to stay cool?

You can use window screens in the windows at night to bring in some of the nighttime cooler air. You can use ice cubes in a bowl with a fan on to blow cooler air on you. You can use light blocking curtains to keep the home cooler.

Do oscillating fans cool better?

Yes, oscillating fans cool better because they move the air around more than a box fan or standalone fan, like our window fan above will do.

Photo Title Price Buy
Lasko Lasko-36 Tower...image Lasko Lasko-36 Tower Remote Control, 3-Speed, Black (2511) Household Fans, 36 Inch $46.99
Amazon Basics Oscillating...image Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan with Remote - 16-Inch
PELONIS PFS40A2ABB 16''...image PELONIS PFS40A2ABB 16'' 3-Speed Pedestal, Standing Fan for Home and Office, 85° Oscillation and Adjustable in Height, Black, 16 Inch $31.96
Holmes Oscillating Tower...image Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan with 3 Speed Settings, 31 Inch, White $34.99
PELONIS 16'' Pedestal...image PELONIS 16'' Pedestal Remote Control, Oscillating Stand Up Fan 7-Hour Timer, 3-Speed and Adjustable Height, PFS40A4BBB, 16-inch AC Motor, Black $44.99
Honeywell Comfort Control...image Honeywell Comfort Control Oscillating Table Fan Adjustable Tilt Head With 3 Speeds & Removeable Grill $52.89
BLACK+DECKER 16 Inches...image BLACK+DECKER 16 Inches Stand Fan with Remote $68.78
Lasko Portable Electric...image Lasko Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan with Nighttime Setting, Timer and Remote Control for Indoor, Bedroom and Home Office Use, Silver T42951 $63.69
Lasko 1827 18″...image Lasko 1827 18″ Elegance & Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan, Black - Features Oscillating Movement Tilt-back Fan Head $41.99

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