When You’re Rolling In The Deep, Could A Role Model Be All You Need?

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When we get stuck in a rut, it can be incredibly difficult to motivate ourselves back into a more positive mindset. In these situations, role models can be an incredibly positive influence on helping us to once again find our way forwards.

As mentioned on sites like kudoswall.com, finding the most positive role model possible can particularly result in benefits including an improved understanding of success, inspiration, and how to be our best selves. The question is if you’ve never considered it before, where exactly can you find the right role model to help you manifest a more positive mindset at last?

Consider your personal life

While we often assume that a role model has to be a larger than life figure, few people are better for providing realistic, first-hand inspiration than those in our own lives. From inspirational family members or friends to someone at work that you admire, the ability to talk with and witness these individuals in action certainly provides an inspirational baseline that will never seem too far out of reach, and which can have a direct impact on the lifestyle you ultimately manifest.

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Is there someone from sports?

Big names in sport, including local football players or the boxers listed on https://sportnews.in/Boxing-and-UFC, often have to work tirelessly from a young age. Even if you have no interest in sports, tailoring your behaviour and attitude around the motivation, determination, and concentration of any sporting figure is therefore guaranteed to get you out of any rut and should be enough to see you manifesting the experiences that you desire.

Why not look at literature?

Literature might be rife with imperfect characters, but there are also some pretty inspiring names in the book world. Perhaps the thing to be wary of here is that these are curated characters rather than real people, but there’s still value to be found from learning by the way a well-rounded character reacts to certain situations, including figures like Jane Eyre, Atticus Finch, and so on. They might not be living, breathing people, but our ability to see not only their thought process but also their outcomes can certainly help us to better develop our reactions and actions with positive influence in mind.

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Time to look in the mirror

Given that your life is ultimately a reflection of your actions alone, it’s also important to remember that no one can be a better role model than yourself. Stepping away from typically negative self-talk to consider your achievements (at work/home/personally) can certainly help you to appreciate your strengths, and gain a better understanding of how you can effectively take control of your life moving forward. Even better, you won’t be reliant on anywhere else for success and change this way, but will instead provide yourself with a ready-made, always-on motivation to be the best version of yourself that you possibly can be.

Role models can help us to roll with life’s punches. Where do you think the best inspiration might come from?


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