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White River Inn & Suites White River JCT, VT

In 2019, we were homeless for about 5.5 months. This was from June to November of that year. It was going to be my three kids (teens/preteens) and me living in tents at campgrounds or something for a bit while we figured out our next step.

Then, I found out that my ex-husband – the father of my younger two sons – was about to be homeless as well with his mother. This means we had an extended family looking to be without a home, but at least it was the warmer season in New Hampshire.

With all that being said, we went on many adventures and learned lessons during that season in life, but today I’m talking about this one time we opted to rent a hotel room to get a much-needed comfortable night’s sleep, but ended up getting a free upgrade to a SUITE.

So let’s chat about our favorite place, well one of them, White River Inn & Suites in White River Junction, VT

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This particular night, we decided that it would be nice to pause camping for a bit and stay in a hotel for the night on a weekend. We looked at various places near the Claremont, NH area as this was our “home base” for various reasons during this season.

We found White River Inn & Suites, the price was decent and they had an indoor pool. We knew this was where we wanted to stay. I remember feeling all fancy having the carts to carry our stuff up to the room, since we were homeless most of our clothing, food, and other belongings were in the two vehicles we had, so we needed to use these carts things to get our stuff to our room.

I felt so freaking fancy, guys! It’s hilarious to think back, but it was a first for me.

Okay, moving along now with the story.

We rented a hotel room with two beds. We figured as it was explained to me – it would be a room with two beds in this one room. Okay, we will make do with it and an air mattress we kept on us for the homeless season camping days. That’s better than tents, at least we can have beds, and an air mattress to get a good night’s sleep.

But what to our surprise, when we showed up? They gave us our room key and said we had a suite! I was quite confused, but hey, we didn’t want to argue. I guess they upgraded us for some reason and boy were we grateful.

We got our hotel key thing and ventured up the elevator to check our our new digs!

There was a bedroom with two beds for the boys to share, and a pull-out sofa that the adults could share. There also was a balcony, which was a great way to get some fresh air without having to leave the suite. I loved it so much.

We had a full bathroom and a small kitchen space where we could legit feel like we were at home. This quickly became one of our favorite suites to schedule whenever we could opt for a higher-end room on weekends.

This is the place our sons learned how to swim in the gigantic indoor pool. And most nights we would go swimming before or after dinner.

I remember feeling like a Queen during this fun-filled time at White River Inn & Suites. The people there quickly learned me by face and name. (because we ended up going here quite often)

They were kind and outgoing. The breakfast that was included was delicious!

They had a cool pancake maker on the weekends.

It looked something like this one.

The breakfast on weekends was extensive! Way better than the weekday ones. You could have cereal, pancakes, syrup, donuts, bagels, and so much more. I am not sure if they still do it this way, as I know in 2020 things changed all over the world.

I Missed My Firstborn during this season …

I’m grateful that our homeless season like this was before all of the crazy hit, but honestly? We learned so much from his season, especially how to stay positive during difficult times and learn to adapt.

I just wish my firstborn could have been here for all of the journey, they didn’t do well with camping in tents or vehicles, and so they had to go stay with their Dad most of this season and that to this day saddens me. But you cannot make up for the past, you cannot change it.

That is just how it panned out, and I can say it was a fun season even while I missed my now adult kiddo being there. Thankfully they came as often as possible, but when we were mostly living in tents and our vehicles during this season & this kiddo wasn’t good at camping like that? They were not able to sleep over as much as I had hoped.

Final Thoughts About White River Inn & Suites in White River JCT, Vermont

This surely was a great space to stay for a home away from home vacation. Now that we have two dogs though, we cannot go with our dogs. Perhaps I will use this space as one of my solo travel ideas this year, so I can see how they have changed since 2019 when we were there quite often.

Either way, I love that the price there isn’t too bad, that the suites have all you need to live, just bring your own food. The spacious suites were for sure a fabulous option for us with 2 adults and 2 tween/teen boys on the road.

Is White River Inn & Suites in VT dog Friendly?

White River Inn and Suites welcomes one dog up to 20 lbs for an additional fee of $100 per stay. Well-behaved dogs may be left in rooms unattended.


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