Whole30 Week 3 Updates

We counted on the calendar 30 days from Jan 29th, which is when this whole eating habit started. That means we eat Whole30 until February 27th. I admit this week was a little harder! I am craving those sweets. I want my ice cream. I want some chocolate.

It’s fascinating to me since I don’t typically crave sweets. Maybe it’s my mind getting prepared for the “being able to” concept. You know that good ole human habit of wanting what you cannot have?!

Or maybe it’s just because I miss even having just my honey! Yes, that is correct! You cannot even have honey on whole30. I love my local honey. Darnit.

I am ready for honey in my tea, and I’m ready to have maybe some coffee again with some creamer and stevia like the good old days.

Ahhhh, week 3 was harder than Weeks 1 and 2, can you tell? 🤣

Alright, so let’s get into it.

Week 3 on Whole30 Updates and Random Thoughts

Beyond having chocolate and sweet cravings this week, there isn’t much to update. I have been making mostly stir fry for dinner.

This involves some form of ground meat (beef, turkey, or chicken) along with a frozen stir-fry veggie (no sugar added) mix. I try to use frozen veggies that have water chestnuts in them, but sometimes I go with other blends to mix it up.

It’s delicious when you add in the coconut soy-free aminos during cooking, along with some minced garlic and garlic powder, and some RealSalt. I try not to use the aminos too often as it’s high in sodium, although the coconut soy-free amino option has lower sodium than the soy version of this.

Grab the one I use here in bulk to save half off regular pricing.

One subject I’d like to remind you of is to keep your electrolytes up. This means adding salt within reason to your dish. I typically use this RealSalt option as it has all of the minerals in it still and that makes my electrolytes stay up where they need to be.

Your brain needs sodium, and a good balance of water and electrolytes keeps the brain healthy.

I tried to use seasoning but it got tricky when I realized that a lot of our seasonings here had sugar in them. My 17-year-old told me he already knew that he is a big no-sugar nut, although he will have sucralose and I will not. I am all about no sugar added whenever possible, and of course, on Whole30 I have to be, but I try to have local honey, cane sugar, or brown sugar, or Steiva extract if I am going to sweeten something up.

But that’s another story for another time, maybe.

My favorite foods include my chicken breast salad – it’s a spring mix organic salad blend with two 4-ounce chicken breasts that I precook on the weekend for half the week, then precook for the rest of the week midweek (I don’t want them to spoil having all cooked on weekend meant they would spoil too soon).

Then I enjoy homefries with sweet potatoes and russet potatoes with a few fried eggs for breakfast most days.

Sometimes I even get tricky and switch the lunch for breakfast and vice versa! 🤣

I’ve been spending some time outside with my youngest teen, and sometimes my middle teen who do their running by the lake every day or so. I enjoy this time because if my 17-year-old goes, he and I actually have some good chats together as well as we walk around the parking lot.

I also love this time, because there’s a new friend of mine named Colonel Tom who has the best stories to tell and we chat, he is a very nice man. I enjoy the moments when our schedules align so that he is there, too!

Adding an exercise routine to my day, including the 15-30 minute morning walking workout or light weight lifting has improved my life so much (and my mood).

I firmly believe that if you start to make one healthier habit, other healthier habits will follow suit.


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