Why Do You Look So Tired All The Time?

You might be more tired of hearing it than anything, but if you look in the mirror to see someone who looks like they could use a month of lie-ins, that might be worth investigating. There might be some people who simply look a little more tired than others, even when they are alert and there are no problems. However, there are also a dozen potential reasons that you might be looking tired that you could potentially treat, as well. Here, we’re going to look at some of those causes and what can be done about them.

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You’re not getting enough sleep

It’s the easy answer, but you might be looking tired because you actually are tired. However, while this might not be much of a revelation to you, it’s important to make sure that you’re able to get the sleep that you need, as it affects your health in a wide variety of ways. You could be feeling more stressed, more prone to joint and back pain, and even worse when it comes to recall and decision-making. For that reason, look at some of the ways you can improve your night’s rest. Consider changing the sheets, pillow, even the mattress if you need to. Change your nighttime routine to allow yourself to get into a more relaxed state before bed. Consider seeing your doctor if you need to.

You’re not drinking enough water

Dehydration is the culprit behind so many little and large changes to our health and appearance. We all need to drink more water, and there are water-tracking apps that can ensure that you get reminded to do just that. Dehydration can cause your eyes to look more tired because the skin that surrounds them is very sensitive to hydration. Of course, if you continue to not drink the water that you need, then you are going to start feeling the physical effects of exhaustion as the body is less able to efficiently do all of its internal processes without the necessary water content.

Peel your eyes away from screens for a second

If your eyes are red, watery, and stingy, then you might want to think about where you’ve been putting them, lately. If you work with computer screens or spend a lot of time browsing with your cellphone one foot away from your face, then eyestrain is a very likely answer. The good news is that eyestrain isn’t a permanent or serious problem. You can treat it with the eyedrops you can buy over-the-counter. However, you might want to consider making sure you take breaks from the screen or adjust how its light affects your eye with blue-light reducing software, not to mention better lighting around the screen.

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Your allergies are acting up

If you notice that you start to look more tired around the spring or when you come in contact with anything particular, such as animal dander, then you might be experiencing allergies. A good sign that your tired eyes are caused by allergies is that you also feel itchy around the eyes, and see swelling or dark circles due to inflammation. This is due to the release of histamine, which the body floods the affected areas with when it perceives a threat in the shape of your allergens. Aside from over-the-counter antihistamines, you can use cold compresses to take care of the swelling. Make sure that you have your allergy diagnosed, too, with the scratch test so that you know what you might want to limit contact with.

Are your eyelids the issue?

Aside from bags under the eyes, dark circles, and red or watery eyes, you might be looking a little tired because your eyelids are hanging low. There are many causes of drooping eyelids, with acquired ptosis due to age or excessive eye rubbing being one of the most common. This means that certain muscles in your eyelids are overly stretched, but they can be helped with acquired ptosis treatment. For instance, there are eyedrops that can help restore their elasticity, raising them up again so that you have your usual, bright, aware appearance. If you have any pain, be it in the eyes or in the form of migraines, to go with this symptom, you should see a doctor as sometimes acquired ptosis can be caused by other issues, too.

Take care of your skin, too

If you feel like you’re looking tired because your skin is looking a little lifeless, then that may very well be the case. Dead skin cells don’t always come away from the body, automatically. Sometimes, a layer of dead skin cells can lie on top of your face, which can make your face look duller. Simple exfoliation products, especially those with glycolic acid, can help get rid of those dead skin cells, allowing the new, active cells to come to the surface instead, where they can help your skin look a lot brighter and healthier.

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Get out into the sun

If you’re looking a little more tired with the change of the seasons, then it might be the sun (or lack thereof) that is the problem. We absorb sunlight through our skin, which helps make it look more awake. As such, if the sunlight is scarce, then you should consider making use of light-reflective serums to help your skin glow as it should, naturally. Vitamin D is also vital for helping you look less sallow and pale. When you’re not able to get enough sun naturally, then you should be taking vitamin D supplements to ensure that you’re able to get that glow in some way. What’s more important is ensuring that you get some time outdoors, even if it’s only for half an hour a day, to get that sunshine.

Hopefully, with the tips above, you’re able to find the right solution for you. Pinpoint what’s making you look so tired and start acting against it so you can present your best, freshest face to the world.


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