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Why Exercise Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

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Let’s be honest. Exercise can be boring and a fitness routine can be just that – a routine!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Many of us give up on our fitness goals when boredom sets in and some of us don’t even start exercising in the first place. However, by getting into the mindset that exercise can be enjoyable and fun, we might do more to get off our sofas.

So, if you’re somebody who can’t be bothered to put on the tracksuit you have had sitting in your wardrobe for months, let us give you some incentive. Aside from the fact that you will become more physically and emotionally healthy when you start exercising, you might also ramp up the fun factor. Here are just a few of the reasons why exercise doesn’t have to be boring.

#1: You could exercise with a friend

Anything can be made more interesting when you have a friend by your side. Even when you’re out on a run, you can spice things up with the banter and laughter you have with your buddy. You can also motivate each other to keep going and perhaps add a touch of competition too. So, if exercising alone makes you want to curl up on your sofa instead, talk to your friends and encourage them to keep fit alongside you.

#2: You could take part in a fun sport

Okay, some of us recoil at the idea of sports, usually because of the terrible experiences we had at school. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look for something we might enjoy, as there are all kinds of sports that are both fun and useful for fitness. So, look at what’s available near you. Find out what’s happening at your local leisure center or local park. And look elsewhere in your town for bowling centers, indoor climbing centers, and other places that offer physical activities. Be it a new sport or something you have done before, you might find a fun hobby that will help you get your quota of exercise.

#3: You might find a class that you enjoy

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Okay, some of us recoil at the idea of joining a class, usually because of the terrible experiences we had at school. Hang on, aren’t we repeating ourselves here? Yes, full marks for spotting this if you did, but we are trying to make a point. As useful as school was, the idea of doing things associated with our school days can make us assume boredom will soon set in, but this isn’t always the case. When it comes to exercise, we obviously aren’t suggesting you take another algebra class (although you might exercise your brain). Rather, we are thinking of dance classes, Zumba classes, yoga classes, and any other type of class that is both fun and active. Look online and find out what is happening near you.

#4:  You can break up your exercise routine

When exercising, you don’t have to do the EXACT same thing every single time.  When you’re at the gym, you could experiment with different types of equipment. When you’re out on a jog or a run, you could try a different route and set yourself new challenges. And no matter your usual routine, you could make these exercise tweaks to mix things up for yourself. By taking such steps, you won’t get bored so easily. You might even enhance your exercise routine when you try new things, as you will possibly work on different parts of your body in the process.

#5: You can exercise with your family

Are you worried about the health of your family? If they are as bored of exercise as you  sometimes are, you might be a little concerned. Therefore, spice things up for all of you.  Get outside and play games with them in the garden. Buy a bike for each of you and spend weekends going for a ride somewhere scenic. Take them along to the local bowling alley or Lazer Quest. And consider these other active things you can do with your family. They are unlikely to say ‘this is boring’ if you find fun and interesting things to do together. And because you will be doing these activities too, you shouldn’t have reason to say ‘ this is boring’ either.

And so…

Yes, exercise can be boring. If you do things you don’t enjoy and get into monotonous routines, you will start to get restless. However, by following the tips we have suggested here, you might feel better about putting on your fitness clothes. So, don’t let boredom get the better of you. Consider our suggestions and do something that will both up the fun factor and help you  exercise.


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