Why Getting A Puppy Is Great Training For Having A Baby

There’s a bit of a stereotype that many couples get a puppy before deciding if they want a baby. The general idea is that if you can’t look after a puppy, how will you look after a baby?! Some may scowl at this idea as babies and puppies are completely different animals. How can you compare the two?

Well…looking after a puppy is surprisingly similar to looking after a baby as they have a lot of similar concerns. If you still don’t see a connection, perhaps the points below will explain things in more detail!

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Puppies can’t speak to you

If a baby needs something or is upset, it will cry. Realistically, this is a very primal and animal way of making itself heard. Puppies do exactly the same thing! They can’t speak to you, so they bark or whimper to get your attention. If you learn how to deal with a puppy’s cry for help, it will put you in good stead when a baby comes along.

Puppies need constant attention

You have to become a responsible and attentive adult when you have a puppy. They need constant attention because they’re so small and explorative. It’s up to you to keep an eye on them and prevent them from getting into dangerous situations.

For instance, you need to make sure they don’t go sniffing around electrical wires or try to jump down from the sofa. In a weird way, this trains you to become an attentive parent! When you have a human baby, you’re constantly keeping an eye on them – especially when they start to crawl.

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Puppies need regular health checkups

A puppy will need to have various tests and checkups during its initial weeks/months/years. You’ll have to take yours to a place like Covenant Care Animal Hospital for any jabs or health checks. It’s all to ensure the puppy is healthy and growing properly.

The same thing happens when you have a baby; it will need constant checkups in the initial phase of its life. Having a puppy will get you into the swing of things and help you get used to these checkups. It will make you feel more confident as it all feels part of a natural routine.

Puppies demand a lot of your time

Getting a puppy is a brilliant way of figuring out if you have time to look after a baby. As mentioned earlier, they require lots of attention. Therefore, you may have to stay home from work or find someone that can look after them.

It soon becomes apparent if you have enough time in your life for a puppy. If this is hard enough, imagine what it will be like with a baby in the mix.

For me, puppies are a great way of discerning if parenthood is right for you. If you struggle to look after a pet, how will you manage with a small child? Caring for a baby and a puppy isn’t exactly the same, but there are enough similarities to provide excellent training before having a baby.


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