Why is Life So Unpredictable? And How to Cope with It

The unpredictability of life is the fact that we are all aware of. As human beings, we try to plan and schedule our lives the best way we can, but there’s no certainty if it would turn out to be exactly how we want. No one knows what the next hour is going to bring us, and while the lack of control gets frustrating at times, it is beautiful in itself.

Controlling everything all the time makes us responsible for all our actions every second, which can take a huge toll. On the other hand, if life was predictable, we’d know exactly what was going to happen; therefore, all of our actions would be preplanned under the occurrence.

But then, would our lives be exciting, thrilling, or interesting in any way at all?

Would you be able to feel the adrenaline rush after your team won the nail-biting finale of your favorite match?

Would you jump in the air because you are unable to control the happiness of a job promotion?

The answer would be no.

We would have been unaware of these feelings because no element of uncertainty would exist.

It is because life is too unpredictable that we are able to enjoy it to the maximum ability. It allows us to take risks, to take a turn not knowing where the destination would be. Yes, we do hold the ability to plan our future, but we can’t determine whether our plans would succeed or fail.

In case of success, you get to ascend a step allowing life to help us grow. But if it becomes a failure, you get the chance to learn, acknowledge your flaws, and improve yourself to achieve success. The unpredictability of life opens doors of opportunities that you couldn’t have imagined and let them take you wherever destined. We can steer our lives but to a certain limit, and that’s what makes it exciting.

While we are fully aware of the unpredictability, most of us are unable to cope with it. Have a look at how you can better deal with the uncertainties:

Show kindness to yourself

Life is really unpredictable, so most of the things that happen aren’t your fault because they aren’t in your control. Unfortunately, we at times start holding ourselves responsible for a failure that we couldn’t have seen coming. For that, we end up mocking ourselves, which isn’t the right thing to do.

Instead of beating yourself up, accept that whatever happened was uncertain and stop holding yourself accountable. Give yourself a fair margin and be kind to yourself. You should give your best in all situations but realize that that’s the most you could have done.

Give yourself credit

There must have been moments where you survived a stressful event or dodged a failure successfully. Give yourself full credit for what happened. While most things are not in our control, some are, and you were only able to succeed because you were mindful of your actions, speech, and decisions. Reflect on all of those moments and analyze every time that you did right. Make sure to make them a permanent part of your life and learn from all your wrong actions. It’s only when you recognize the errors that you are able to improve them and make better decisions in the future. Evaluation is a major key to dealing with life’s unpredictability.

Develop new skills

Just because life is too unpredictable doesn’t mean it’s always coarse. There are many points where it’s calm and monotonous. Instead of giving in to the monotony, do something different. This might include trying a new sport, taking up a challenging project, learning a new language, etc.

Developing new skills allow you to establish better qualities or traits in your personality that can help you deal with hurdles and stumbling blocks that life throws at you. Every skill has something better to add up to your profile, and each one of those is beneficial to deal with the uncertainties. For example, it might increase your patience level, ability to focus or strengthen your cognitive abilities. All of these are important to cater to the severities in life. 

Don’t dwell on uncontrollable things

At times, when life strikes us with uncertainty, we immediately start ruminating on negative scenarios or consequences that can adversely affect our lives. Instead of dwelling on something that’s not in our control, try to harness your emotions and negative thought patterns to cultivate optimism.

It’s only when you are fully aware of the circumstances and rational in your thoughts that you are fully capable of making good decisions. So, don’t let negativity grow on you; it’s only going to make things worse.

Engage in positive self-talk

Whenever life throws challenges on you, take your advice first instead of anyone else. Only you know your capabilities, and only you can channelize them. Engage in self-talk; ask yourself if any of your close friends were facing the difficulty, what advice would you give them?

You’ll be better able to recommend yourself the best possible option to tend to. Giving yourself an external perspective or looking at the situation from new eyes can give you fresh ideas and better viewpoints on dealing with a situation. After all, life is really unpredictable, and only you can aid yourself.

Take control of what you can

The key to coping with unpredictabilities is taking control of what you can. It doesn’t have to mean going out of your way to do that. It can include planning your meals, laying out your clothes, sleeping on time, meditation for ten minutes a day, or anything that gives your life a structure.

Being relaxed and in a comfortable position in life makes you better capacitated to deal with problems.

Pro Tip: I know a Calming Weighted Blanket has helped everyone in my household during times of high stress or unpredictable moments. A weighted blanket lets us get a good night’s sleep so our brain can handle the next day’s stressors.

Ask for support

Many of us choose to isolate ourselves in times of stress, which is very wrong. However, there’s nothing wrong with asking for support from the people you trust. Their moral support can uplift your spirits and might even present you with better ideas to deal with a situation.

Therefore, you should talk to people, discuss your problems, and ask for support whenever necessary.

In Conclusion

Life is really unpredictable, and that’s the exact facet of it that makes it worth living. First, however, you must take all the necessary steps to cope with it in the best way. Instead of giving in to the challenges, strengthen yourself to give your best and come out of them stronger.


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