Why is Life So Unpredictable and how to Cope

We have all been at a point in life where everything seems uncertain or at the brink of falling apart. There are times when you feel self-doubt creeping upon you, having you question your abilities, capabilities, and even your worth.

While all of this is normal, there’s no way one should let it get the best of you. Dealing with challenges and overcoming hurdles may be tough but letting those setbacks dig a dark abyss for you is unacceptable. So, here how you can cope up with the unpredictability of life.

Why is life so unpredictable?

Everyone often thinks about the big question mark that we call life which leads us to ask the question why life is so unpredictable, to which the answer remains a quest lasting forever. It’s not like we are oblivious to the entire concept of unpredictability; it’s just that we struggle to embrace it. We never know what the next minute is going to bring us.

We plan a specific task or event with all our devotion and compassion, but are we ever fully convinced about it happening exactly as we have drafted in our minds? Probably not. But that doesn’t stop us from going anywhere.

The reason why life remains to be unpredictable is that the purpose of life is to adapt, grow, and improve. Every uncertainty tests our fortitude, vision, and reliance. Something going precisely according to the plan gives satisfaction and rejoices you, but it is the bad experiences that help you learn, climb up, and grow to be better.

You might feel torn apart at first, but it’s only when you get up that you realize the inner strength you have to overcome this. Unpredictability might seem intimidating or even devastating, but it’s exactly what shapes us. Without these hurdles, blocks, and rocks, our life would be pretty dull. It is what helps us attain a purpose to live and enriches us with the confidence and self-esteem we need to grow and live a more fulfilling life.

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How to cope up with the unpredictability?

There are a handful of things that one can try to deal with unpredictability. The moment you feel like giving in to the hardships, psyche yourself to muster up the willpower and rise again. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself from dwelling upon those feelings.

Struggles are temporary

Bad times always tend to last longer than good ones, which is basically because we keep reminding ourselves of the misery every second of that time. But that never helps; if anything, it makes it tougher for you. Instead of calling the worst parts or overthinking about it, remind yourself that it’s temporary. Nothing lasts forever, so there’s no way a hardship can be a perpetual occurrence.

Thinking optimistically can be incredibly helpful in gathering up the courage to face the situation you’re in and overcome it. Start making changes in your life today, and you’ll be out of the adversity before you even know.

Pause and evaluate

Pondering over the situation from a single angle will never help you cope with the unpredictability. Thinking and blaming can take up all of your energy which is more than enough to break you. Uncertainty needs to be dealt with with a certain degree of calmness and maturity. The best thing to do in this case would be to pause, step back, and evaluate the situation you’re in.

Focus on yourself, listen to what your heart tells you, analyze your surroundings, and you’ll soon be able to find out what’s wrong and what steps do you need to take to make that right. Instead of having a meltdown, take a few breaths, and try to look at the bigger picture. What you need is a practical solution, and this is what will get you that.

Let the feelings take over

If by this time you’re assuming that crying, breaking down, and letting all the emotions overwhelm you would signify you as a weakling, then let’s get that straight. It’s okay to let the feelings consume you; in fact, you can’t get over emotion if you don’t fully face it. So in order to remove something from within you, you have to encounter it and let it pass away.

As a result, you’ll find yourself having a clearer vision, a spirited strength, and amped enthusiasm to get past the struggle. These discoveries will help you understand why life is so unpredictable.

Look at the positive side

Keep looking at the darker side of the picture, and you’ll never see a single ray of hope. Try to change your perspective of viewing a hardship. Instead of thinking that you were the one being dealt with the bad deck of cards and that you keep attracting bad luck, think about what you have to gain from this.

Think about the learnings you’ll take away from this time, the mistakes that you know never to repeat in the future. Especially the newly found strength in you; you probably never even knew the vigour you possessed. Everything holds a positive side to it; you only have to choose to shift your vision. Once you do, you’d stop asking why life is so predictable.

Be grateful

One should always find the courage to be grateful in the bad times. You might be thinking it’s the end of your life, but it’s only when you see yourself from another person’s view that you realize how abundantly you’ve been blessed. Most of the time, we take standard possessions for granted.

You might have lost your job, but you have health, you have clothes to wear, food to eat, a house to live in, and the ability to find another job. Instead of finding excuses to blame for life being the way it is, invigorate your strength to start anew. Stay content with your life, and you’ll start repelling disappointments to a great extent.

Final Thoughts About Unpredictable Life

Unpredictability is what makes your life worth it. The healthy balance of good and bad experiences shape our personalities and improve us as a human being.

Remember, you always have two sides to the coin; in the end, it all just boils down to how do you decide to take on the hardships.


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