Why Is Self-Care Important For Men?

Self-care is a term that is generally associated with women’s beauty and pampering. But do you think self-care is a gender-specific thing? Then that idea has to end because self-care is all about taking care of oneself; gender-neutral.

In this patriarchal society, there are still many unrealistic notions of the perfect man to be all macho and headstrong who needs no specific treatments or care to sustain. It is time to step out of the high horse and get to reality.

All humans need some “me time “to help restore the balance in life, and it’s crucial to find that time out of the busy schedules. Let’s get into some deeper understanding of why self-care is important for men and some tips to make” me time” better and feel good.

One has to keep in mind when it comes to self-care. It includes everything from your physical to mental and even your skin and hair care. Just hitting the gym seven times a week might help you build enormous physical strength, but without mental harmony, it’s a waste of your time.

What is self-care?

Self-care is an act of taking care of oneself in terms of hygiene, nutrition, medical care, and, most importantly, mental health. In today’s world, everyone deals with a load of stress, which can be related to professional or personal things. You must stay healthy and have a sound mind to cope with issues in a better way.

Men are conditioned to the notions of taking up responsibilities and leading a major front in all fields. Henceforth their priorities are pushed to the last, especially self-care. Self-care is not about a one-day effort of taking rest and chilling. It is beyond that idea. To sustain life for a longer term, one should know ways to take care of themselves. Some different regimes and practices can be included in the daily routines, which can benefit both body and mind, helping to take better care of themselves.

Why do men ignore self-care?

One major reason why men ignore self-care mostly is because of the wrong understanding of the term “self-care.” Self-care is beyond looking good or having a good head massage, though these are some of the factors included; it is also giving yourself some rest and care after some long work hours or a tiring task.

Sometimes the word self-care also threatens men’s masculinity, and they believe that it’s something for the weakling. If you are one among them, it’s time to close the masculinity box and think outside it. If you are planning to keep up your body, health, and mind to act all macho for quite some long time, then it’s time to consider planning some self-care for yourself.

How to exercise self-care

The first and foremost thing of self-care is finding the time. Men are all about staying busy, but it should not be at the cost of your health. Find time to engage in some relaxation activities. It can be anything from meditation to playing a good game.

Different people have different interests, but make sure you do something to calm yourself and not pump your adrenaline to finally increase your cortisol levels (stress hormone). Pick something light and breezy!


Try to indulge in physical activities like exercises or sports. This helps to release endorphins that create euphoria, a feel-good emotion that is important for the mind.

Moreover, being engaged in exercise also helps in weight management and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Sleep is an important factor and if you are finding it difficult to fall asleep, then try doing exercise a couple of hours before going to bed to help facilitate a night of sound sleep.

It’s important to be consistent and henceforth be self-motivated. Try to schedule a regular schedule for physical activities every day. More than maintaining a body image, your mental health should be a priority.

Do not forget to devote your time to some fun activities too. Having a lazy day is no offense. You deserve it, bro!


Men mostly neglect mental health. You don’t always have to act strong. Those notions are far gone. Like humans, different emotions may course through your mind. Moreover, being stressed is all part of modern living which, if not handled right, can cause serious harm.

Use your weekend wisely to watch a relaxing movie or your favorite show, sipping some chamomile or mint tea. It’s also good to get a massage to help relieve stress from your body from long hours in the office, which helps relax your mind. You can also try yoga or other breathing exercises to help cope with stressful conditions.

Skin, hair, and body

Men do not speak of any specific skincare routines per se, but do you believe your youthful skin will ever last without any form of care. The most important thing to take out of your regime is the harsh soap that you are using as face wash, body washes, and to some extent hair wash.

Some immediate effects might not be visible, but don’t be concerned about that baldness and dry, scaly skin in the future. Taking care of your skin does not mean getting many kinds of stuff. It’s about using the right stuff required to maintain the health of your skin. Add skin care products for men like face wash and moisturizers to your regime. Also, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners to keep away the fear of balding for quite some years.

Those bushy beards and long messy hair do not do justice to your looks. Get your beard and hair trimmed on a regular basis. Visiting a salon occasionally can help you have a relaxed experience and come out shining in the best looks. 


Normalize the idea of taking care of yourself. There is no wrong or weirdness in saying that you need some “me time.” It does not make you any less of a man but makes you a better human. There are no rules or specifications for self-care. Understand your body, your stress patterns and plan wisely per that.


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