Why People Do Not Make Their Relationship Facebook Official

This is a different era of dating. The use of online platforms has a good and bad side. If you have tried online dating platforms like Tinder, Happymatches, and Facebook, just to name a few, you will agree that they are fun and perplexing at the same time.

Have you heard of someone who ruined their relationship through Facebook? Well, there are many such cases these days. No wonder! Couples have long stopped making their relationship Facebook official. And if you still do not believe this, we will give you some compelling reasons why this is the case.

Online Photos Are Enough

For many people, sharing photos online is an addiction. Well, this is one of the purposes of Facebook, and it should be utilized. So, it is good to let the photos say it all. Today, people communicate more with photos. After all, they do not stamp the fact that you are dating like what a status update will do.

Privacy of Personal Information

Many publications written by professionals have condemned displaying your relationship status on Facebook. The status has no significance to the social community unless there is a need to broadcast it. After all, your new partner may not be comfortable with this publication. But the biggest challenge comes when things do not work out and you have to part ways. Changing it again will only bring about embarrassment.

It Reduces Your Future Opportunities to Date Through Facebook

Although there are many other platforms like Happymatches where you can easily get a dating partner, Facebook still remains a very popular platform for people to meet. After making your current relationship Facebook official, this reduces the chances of dating any of the people that you are already connected to. Of course, they will have seen how you keep updating the status and even people you have been dating. For this reason, many people prefer to keep such matters away from social media.

You Become a Target

Malicious people might want to ruin your relationship and they will do anything to succeed. When they do not know your status, the chances of ruining it are minimal. But if you make it Facebook official, they will definitely have an easy way to target you. If any of them posts nasty staff, your partner may fail to understand and trust issues will start.

You Do Not Want Comments

Online comments are sometimes hurtful, especially when they come from people who are not sensitive. Of course, you do not want people to send such comments since they can hurt your partner. Thus, it is better not to bring this to their attention. If you want it to be more private, avoid even updating any suggestive photos, even though we said that photos should say it all. Additionally, nobody wants to have a wall of questions when you are no longer together and the status changes again.

Using social media and particularly Facebook in the right way is crucial. Make sure that you read about the things that you should not do on Facebook. Of course, you will be surprised to know that this is one of them.


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