It may seem like drinkers have all the fun but if you choose the right non-alcoholic wines, you too can enjoy your drink. Whether you’re pregnant, suffering from a medical condition or abstaining from alcohol for religious reasons, rest assured you don’t have to be limited to soda, juice or water. If you’re a drinker but you need some non-alcoholic options for dinner party guests or an innocent gift for a co-worker, there are lots of great options to choose from.

But first, you may be wondering what exactly is non-alcoholic wine. A true non-alcoholic wine is a wine from which the alcohol has been removed so it’s not just sparkling grape juice. In fact, high-quality non-alcoholic wines can taste so much like the intoxicating version that it would take a connoisseur to tell them apart.

The alcohol is removed during the beverage’s production stage using a steam vacuum which vaporizes the alcohol, reverse osmosis, which separates the liquor through a filter, or centrifugal force in which the alcohol is repeatedly filtered. Removing the alcohol does not reduce the taste of the wine although, it will feel somewhat different. The fruit flavors will be even more poignant. Even if you enjoy alcohol, you may find yourself opting for the virgin choice after hearing about some of the best non alcoholic wine.

5 Non-Alcohol Wines That Delight the Senses

5 Non-Alcohol Wines That Delight the Senses

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s all the flavor of a California red sans the intoxicating stuff. Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon is made in Paso Robles in a sustainable winery. It is fermented in stainless steel containers, aged in oak barrel and then the alcohol is removed via filtration, just before it is bottled. This process means you get an almost ideal wine taste.

St Regis Reserve Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay

This is another California option but this time, it’s for Chardonnay lovers. It is full-bodied and fruity with hints of apples and pears and just enough of an oak flavor. The balanced acidity makes it ideal for use when serving seafood or pasta.

Sutter Home Fre Brut Non-Alcoholic Champagne

If its bubbles you’re after, you can still get them even if you opt to go alcohol-free. Sutter Home Fre Brut Non-Alcoholic Champagne combines the aroma of green apples and ripe pears with subtle hints of berries and peaches. Apple and strawberry flavors round out this mouth-watering option. Cheers to that combination!

Eisberg Alcohol-Free Sauvignon Blanc

This one tastes pretty close to alcoholic wine; even the aftertaste is similar. It blends gooseberry with other tropical fruit flavors in a mix that’s perfect when chilled. It’s very fruity and you’ll probably want seconds! That’s fine since it’s non-alcoholic and just 28 calories per 125 ml serving. You really can lose out.

Ariel Chardonnay

This is a less fruity option than the four wines mentioned above. Similar to a traditional Chardonnay, it’s more woody, buttery and oaky. If you used to drink alcohol chardonnay but now you’re looking for a non-intoxicating alternative, this may be just what you need.

Whether you’re wine shopping for yourself, guests, or friends, you don’t need to feel limited just because you don’t want alcohol. These options listed above are flavourful and quite similar to their alcoholic counterparts.

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