I recently watched a TEDx Davenport YouTube video that really resonated with me. As a mom of three kids who are now preteens and teens, I’ve always hoped that there would be ways each of them could become an entrepreneur. These kids have been raised by a woman in business, me. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years so that’s all my kids know. With that being said, listening to the stories that Chrissy Weems shares in this TEDx video really inspired me.

women in business and the emotional connection

Meet Origami Owl

Origami Owl was created when Bella, Chrissy Weems driven daughter, back when Bella was 14 years old. This business has inspired an emotional connection in so many ways. The inspirational story helps connect people in a way that our social media-driven world seems to lack. Origami Owl has become a wildly successful business with no capital investment and no business plan. With just a genuine interest in connecting people with what matters most, this mother and daughter team were able to become successful with one simple thing: an emotional connection. 

Tips to Succeed

Listening to Chrissy Weems speak about Origami Owl made me feel like anything is possible. As a mother of three kids who often struggled with wanting to make money but more importantly, having a passion for emotional connection, this has inspired me to realize that anyone can be financially successful. This means that anyone can build a business on a dream. 

My Thoughts on Women in Business

We live in a different world. There are so many ways you can run a business and so many ways you can make your passions become your money maker. One thing I’ve learned over the years of once being Happily Blended Media to now being Brandy Ellen Enterprises is that whenever I followed my passion in business, trying to inspire others to live their best life possible, I succeed financially. For me, business isn’t about placing a focus on making money. I’ve found when you place too much focus on making money, as in that’s all you think about, you lose the one thing that actually helps build a business – passion. 

If you have a dream and a passion in life please stop thinking you can’t do it. Stop listening to people who call you crazy or try to steer you in another direction. If I have learned anything over these last five years or so, it’s that I need to listen to my heart and soul. Every time I listen to where my heart leads me, I’ve been successful. I firmly believe you can feel the joy that is living your best life possible for financial security and emotional stability too. 

I admire Chrissy Weems who decided to give back the money at one point in the business because it wasn’t about the money for them. They started to lose the emotional connection and wanted to take a financial risk to get Origami Owl back to its original mission – emotional connection. Now youth can apply for a $1,000 scholarship with the Chrissy Weems Scholarship. If you haven’t heard this story before, I honestly hope that you’ll take time to listen to this TEDx video and become inspired to make a positive, emotional connection change in your life and business too.




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