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You may need to just let it go … be at peace

*I transcribed this from my audio recording in my vehicle as I drove and poured out some thoughts* Do you need voice-to-text transcribed? Contact me today for a quote.

Here is why you need to let go. Because you need to let go. I recently wrote about why can’t you be friends with everyone, why can’t you be friends with someone who has done you wrong. Another question was, why do you want to reach out or why do you want to be friends with someone who treated you so rotten?

While I firmly believe in spreading love and light, I also believe in boundaries. In some personality types, there is no such thing as being friends. Trying to be friends with certain people from your past; be it business partners, relationship exes, or friendships or divorces whatever they are, any sort of relationship with another human being that went fowl may not be a good idea.

The reason that you cannot be friends with certain types of people in these groups of your past is that some of these people in your past have a personality type that simply will not work on that level of newfound friendship, or newfound respect. It will also be hard for you to find a way to incorporate this person into your life where you’re at now in your head & heart space.

Because you know you’ve changed because of that situation and you assume the other person changed in some way shape or form from your previous encounters. So now you have two people who have changed in some way shape or form trying to reconnect differently.

And that is difficult to do. It is not impossible, some people reconnect & reconnect for the right reasons, good morals, and value reasons. They connect for something larger than themselves perhaps and then in those cases, it can work because each of the humans will continue to learn and grow from each other.

They will be willing to hear each other differently and they won’t spend a lot of time talking about the past scenarios together. The other personality types that I am talking about that won’t really work if you try to bring them back into your life or try to reconnect with them on any level are the personality types that will continuously try to verbally convince you that they have changed.

They will try to convince you that they have grown and they have learned but they will try to keep bringing you back to “remember when’ moments during this chat. They will keep trying to bring you back into this headspace of perhaps when you both had an infatuation or a love connection whatever it was. Your connection was what you called good or neutral, they will try to get you back there through their words or their visual reminders, and they will do anything that they possibly can do to get you back to that point of an emotional response that helps you both rekindle something that was lost or damaged in the past.

They want you to get into that spot where they missed you the most or you missed them the most. They want your emotions and mind to be stuck back there in those feelings so that you can reconnect with them and give up all that you’ve gained to revisit a life, friendship, or business with them.

If that’s going on, then it’s not going to work to rekindle any friendship, relationship, or business connection with them. I say this with the best of intentions because I really would love for people to reconnect and be friends with mutual respect and learn and grow to continue on that friendship or relationship at a different level.

But the problem is that if this person is trying to bring you back into the past a lot, then they are trying to rekindle something that you honestly no longer have there. The person who is not bringing up the past in that way is probably healed more from that, has learned more from that, and has started to implement those lessons learned into new situations.

Like business deals, a new marriage, a new friendship, or whatever it may be. They are practicing those lessons they learned because when you grow and learn from a previous situation, you will have newfound ways you implement the strategies that didn’t work with the last connection. You will try new methods to see if you learned anything from that past experience.

You must know that each person has developed the appropriate listening and talking aka communication skills that can help each other grow and learn from each other this time around. You must not be in a scenario where one person, yet again, holds back their intentions feelings, goals, beliefs, or values because they won’t want to upset the other person.

Listen, my friends, I cannot tell you if you should reconnect with someone from the past whether it is for friendship, relationship, or business purposes. What I can advise you to do is think about who that person was, who that person seems to be today, and what has changed that could work with them in your life or perhaps what won’t work now that you’ve grown beyond the human you were once upon a time.

Only you will know for sure if this is an appropriate choice given all of the hard work you’ve done to heal and move forward. Good luck! Oh, and if this doesn’t seem helpful, you could also try a psychic.

Sending you love and light.

Best wishes for positive choices,

Brandy Ellen


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